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Specialising In

  • IKEA Furniture
  • Fantastic Furniture
  • Freedom Furniture
  • King Living Furniture
  • Zanui Furniture
  • Vuly Trampolines
  • MS Direct Furniture
  • POCO Furniture
  • Super Amart
  • Officeworks

What We Do

  • Flat pack furniture
  • IKEA flat pack
  • Bunnings flat pack
  • Flat pack laundry
  • Flat pack bookshelves
  • Flat pack wardrobes
  • Flat pack office furniture
  • Flat pack cupboards
  • Flat pack assemblers
  • Flat pack installers

Assembly and Installation

GetIt Assembled is renowned as being Sydney’s favourable IKEA flat pack furniture assembly and installation service. Although we specialise in Ikea furniture assembly, we also assemble many other forms of flat pack furniture and fitness equipment as well.

We are more than flat pack assemblers. We specialise in providing a professional flat pack installation service as well, including attaching large wardrobes, tall cupboards, bookcases, hanging wall cabinets, fixing bed frame headboards and variety of wall shelving storage systems.

Simply CONTACT us to arrange our trusted flat pack furniture assembly team to visit your premises and assist you with building (or dismantling) your flat pack furniture, outdoor furniture or fitness equipment in your premises at a time that best suits you.

Assembly Charges

Flat pack assembly charges are based on a PER ITEM BASIS for majority of well-known flat pack furniture and fitness equipment retailers. Should the total flat pack assembly cost fall be below our minimum fee, then a minimum rounding-up factor is applied.

We require detailed product information including the store name, product style, a brief description and quantities. Alternatively you can simply EMAIL us a web-link to assist us in visually identifying the flat pack items.

We carry a variety of wall fasteners specialty tools for fixing flat pack furniture, cupboards, bookcases, wall cabinets, wall shelving, etc. to variety of building structures. The cost of providing this flat pack installation service is individually assessed and is provided at an additional fee.

Before booking in our services, please ensure all flat pack boxes are correctly accounted for. If protective packaging shows evidence of mishandling, tear away protective packaging in that region and visually inspect for any possible panel damage.

In cases where car parking is not readily available at the premises, the cost of utilising a nearby parking station or on-street metered parking is added on to the cost of your flat pack assembly charge.

We GUARANTEE the quality of our flat pack assembly and installation work. From time to time problems may occur and where practical, remedial action will be undertaken to rectify any problems ASAP. If we damage your flat pack furniture and cannot make an agreeable repair we will replace the damaged part.

Currently we offer a full service for the whole Sydney metropolitan region and its extended outskirts. We are working towards extending our services into both Brisbane and Melbourne metropolitan regions.

Please read our detailed TERMS OF SERVICE for more information.

Assembled Products