Please CONTACT US by telephone or e-mail with your enquiry.

YES. We can install floating timber flooring using our skilled tradespersons. Please call our office for further information and pricing assistance.

YES. We can assemble and install a variety of flat pack kitchens using our licensed tradespersons. Please CONTACT US for further information and pricing assistance.

YES. We carry a variety of specialty fasteners for a variety of floor, wall and ceiling structures. The cost of providing this service and appropriate fasteners is provided at an additional cost.

We have everything that will be required to assemble your furniture, and with most flat-packed furniture, some specialty tools are usually packaged within.

Before assembling your furniture, we inspect it to make sure there are no damaged parts, and verify that all the necessary screws and fittings are included. In the event that there are missing or damaged parts, we will draw your attention to it. In such circumstances, we do charge an additional call out fee for returning to your premises to complete the work.

We commonly leave cardboard packaging in a tidy manner for recycle waste collection by your local council. However, should you prefer the packaging to be removed by our assembler, for whatever reason, we can do this for an additional cost which covers our labour time to load waste, transport it to a nearby depot, and pay waste depot fees for disposing of cardboard, paper, plastic wrapping and/or polystyrene packaging.

YES. We can easily dismantle your old furniture for relocating it or disposing. Please know that furniture incorporating glued joints can be damaged during the dismantling process.

Flat pack furniture assembly charges are based on a PER ITEM BASIS for majority of well-known furniture retailers. We require full product details including store of purchase, style name and a brief description to assist us in identifying the item. Should the total assembly cost be below our minimum fee of $60 inclusive of GST, then a minimum rounding-up factor is applied.

The time to build your furniture will depend on how complicated it is. With our vast experience, we have a good concept of the typical time it will take and can give you a reasonable estimate over the phone. Our fixed quotes do not cater for other miscellaneous labour work such as being requested to carry boxes into the house, carry boxes upstairs, relocate heavy furniture to make a clear space, or work in confined areas.

That depends on the size of the item being assembled. Small items such as bedside cabinets and small chests can usually be assembled in a fairly small area and usually you won’t need to clear any space for these items.

On the other hand large items like wardrobes generally need to be part assembled on their backs and raised to their normal position when nearing completion. In these circumstances you may need to consider clearing part of a room to make the necessary free space.

You will normally need a flat area such as the floor that is the size of the finished furniture laid on its back plus a working area of at least 600mm (else 2 ft). The area should be as close as possible to the final position of the finished item.

No. Due to OHS safety reasons, we must wear protective shoes at all times. If you are concerned about keeping your carpet clean, please lay down protective sheets or thick rugs before our arrival.

YES. This is our niche! We can pre-arrange working out of hours and/or on weekends. We provide this extended hours service at an extra fee, endeavouring to assemble your items at a time that is mutually convenient.

NO. We assemble all types of ‘ready to assemble’ type products from a variety of suppliers such as fitness equipment, trampolines, barbecues, gazebos, garden sheds, children play-swing sets, play-forts and much more.

Of course we will, even if you’re half way through a job or just need an extra hand to finish it.

If you have specified an alternative choice, then we will purchase that. If not, we will notify you and endeavour to fulfil your order as soon as possible. We visit several different stores each week so we should be able to help you very quickly.

Payment is to be collected at time of completing the agreed service. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, and/or credit card (MasterCard and VisaCard only). Please note that a bank merchant fee surcharge of 3% applies to all credit card transactions.

No problem. When using our Personal Shopper and Delivery service, We will carry your new furniture to the place where you want it. When ordering our service, please let the operator know that your site may have difficult access so we can arrange extra assistance for those larger and awkwardly heavy boxes.

Flat pack furniture is designed for easy assembly. However, there are many barriers that can put this ‘simple’ exercise beyond many.

Good Spatial Awareness – Naturally instructions are far better now than they have ever been, but you still need to be able to visualise the end product or else you will find your patience being tested.

Patience – Sooner or later you may assemble some of the pieces wrong. You need patience to undo your work to start again and not get frustrated by feeling foolish!

Physical Size & Ability – Height is a definite advantage when assembling larger wardrobes, as is a degree of physical strength and fitness.

Pride – This is essential to completing the job properly, fitting all the aesthetic lugs and making the finished item look good.

We have found that with the change in lifestyle and longer working hours, many people would rather enjoy their free time and have someone else assemble their furniture to a high standard. This is our niche!

We take your order over the phone or via our website online ordering portal. We visit your choice-of-store and purchase the goods on your behalf, and arrange a ‘delivery and assembly’ service at an agreed time. We collect pre-payment for the furniture purchases upfront, and then final payment is collected at time of delivering our services.

We generally deliver Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm, and Saturday – 9am to 5pm.

Please allow at least 2-3 days providing the items are readily available within the selected store.

Subject to our availability at the time of your request, we may agree to perform a same day service at a higher priority charge rate. Please CONTACT US to discuss your needs to make a special arrangement.

Currently we offer a full service for the whole Sydney metropolitan region. We are currently setting up full service operations into Brisbane and Melbourne metropolitan regions.